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"Best Kept Secret: How to Increase Reach on Instagram"

Updated: Apr 11

Struggling with your organic reach on Instagram? Your are not alone! Here's a little trick that can help you boost it.

If you know what Alt text is, it probably means you have had to deal with building or working on a website before. Alt Text stands for Alternative text, it is a graphic description of what is on your picture, if your photo doesn’t load properly on a website it would show the alternative text instead.

Wooden shelf with different small house plants on it in colourful pots

Now, you may not see them, but Alt Texts are everywhere! And now it’s possible to integrate

them to your Instagram too, use it well and it can become a powerful tool to bring more traffic to

your page. At Organics Growth we can also help you ramp up online traffic to your website by bringing in new people to your Instagram everyday, to learn more get in touch via our website or email

Here is why its important to know what is Alt Text and why its the best kept secret to increase Instagram visibility and reach:

❖ It allows people who can’t physically see, “read” (or hear) your pictures. Instagram is all

about visuals, but what about people with a visual impairment? They can now “listen” to your

Alt Text and understand what your pictures and videos are about.

❖ It helps Instagram’s Algorithm to better understand what your content is about. Instagram

uses a special image recognition technology to “catalog” and show your posts to the right

people, with Alt Text this becomes even more powerful.

❖ It helps you gain exposure through Google. Do you know what SEO means? It stands for

Search Engine Optimisation and it’s what people use to make their websites appear at the

top of a Google search. Now you can do the same with your Instagram posts. By using the

right keywords (keywords that people would type on Google), your picture could appear

on a Google search. This means your posts get to exist somewhere else on the internet

and not only on Instagram, another tool to explore and generate more traffic!

How to write Alt Text for Instagram?

Your Alt Text should be a graphic description of what is on your picture. It should not be the same as your caption as you rarely fully describe a picture in your captions.

Here's an example:

aesthetic hands on a field of yellow flowers

example of an Instagram caption which says "Losing yourself in a wildflower field to find peace, tranquility and maybe yourself?" emoji

This is what you would normally write on your  

caption, it’s clearly related to the picture but does not graphically describe it. 

To add an Alt Text to a new post simply upload a photo, on the caption page click Advanced Settings, then click Write Alt Text. You can use 100 characters to describe what is on your picture, then press “Done”.

You can also add Alt Text to an old post, just select the picture, click the three dots on the top right

corner and click “Edit”, you will see “Edit Alt Text” at the bottom right corner of your post, add your text and click “Done”.

aesthetic hands on field of wild yellow flowers

Example showing correct use of Alt Text stating "Beautiful yellow wild flowers in a green field with a girls hands in the air among yellow flower petals"

We hope this little trick is useful and helps you add value to your account and business, increasing organic reach and visibility for your Instagram. If you are looking for expert support in order to grow your Instagram page organically and increase traffic to your website, get in touch with us today or get started with a 5-days free trial


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