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"From Followers to Paying Clients: How to increase Conversion Rate from Social Media"

How do I turn the first “hand-shake” into a conversation?

Instagram, even though is an online platform, still gives you many opportunities to talk to your potential clients and make their experience more complete, almost as if they were stepping into your physical shop and you were there to greet them and offer your expertise.

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Your DMs are a very powerful (and free) tool that can help you to convert social media followers into paying clients, but please, use them wisely!

Here is how:

❖ From your new followers, select those that look like a promising potential client to send a private message to. Please don't message every single new follower or you might get blocked for "spam".

❖ Spend a little bit of time looking at their page and what they do before you send your message, try to adapt your message and personalise it to match what that person is all about. Just so it doesn't become too tedious, you can use an Instagram business tool called "quick replies" (to set it up head to your account's settings > business > quick replies), this allows you to have "templates" already prepared so all you need to do is write a shortcut word and the whole message will appear in its place.

With this, you can prepare different templates for different types of people/niches and then simply personalise each message a little bit before you send.

Don't be too salesly, the first approach should be to try and give value for free to that person, ask them if they would like any (free) help from you. Starting with a question is good because it prompts people to want to answer it, whether its yes or no you will probably get some sort of reaction. If yes, you can offer them free advice for their business, health, lifestyle, etc, a pro's feedback or a free downloadable that is of their interest (through your link in bio, of course! This means even more traffic to your website).

❖ Bottom line: use your unique expertise to offer something of value to them, for free! Offering a discount code is a nice gesture but again, it involves having to buy something from you. Try to think of other ways to engage with them and start a conversation FIRST before you involve any sales in the matter.

A lot of people will really appreciate this, so if they are interested in learning more you can try moving the conversation to emails (more business like) or redirecting them to your website, whichever you prefer and serves your sales funnel better.

This is is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate from social media, turning simple followers into interested, paying clients. The more traffic you get through your Instagram page, the more opportunities you will have to connect with your target audience, at Organics Growth we can help you achieve precisely that!

Get in touch to learn more or sign up for a free trial to start increasing your traffic today


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