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"Maximising Engagement: 7 Instagram Tips for 2024"

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If you have been trying to grow your Instagram business on your own, you probably know how hard it can be! Unfortunately, things have not become any easier as time goes by and this year, we have seen a decrease in engagement and organic reach like never before.

This is why we bring you the best 7 Instagram engagement tips in 2024!

The number one best you can do is learn how to use the platform in the best way possible and boost your growth and online traffic with the help of a marketing service like Organics Growth.

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Now to what’s really important! Here are 7 Instagram engagement tips in 2024 to help you increase your connection with your audience and make the most out of your Instagram page. These recommendations are a sample of the valuable support we provide when you sign up for our service, every Instagram profile is different from the others, so when needed, we also offer one-on-one support to help you out with strategy for your specific niche.

  1. What does my target audience want? One of the most important things is to understand who your public is and why they are here. What do they dream of and what are they trying to achieve in their lives? What type of content should we provide to mainly entertain, surprise or inform them? Create content that helps them achieve what they want in order to capture them. If your Instagram Insights don’t give you enough information about your audience, then you should use your Insta stories and website to find out more. Ask questions, create short polls, let people vote for their favorites, etc. This will not only give you more info about your followers, but it will make them engage with you too!

  2. What is my brand’s identity? What are my core beliefs and values? Understand who you/your brand is and what you have to offer. You should be clearly saying to your audience “this is what I’m about and here is why you should pay attention”. When you clearly communicate these, you will easily attract followers who share your same values; sharing what you firmly believe in creates conversation and a community of people around you who will be happy to engage with your content and waiting for your next post.

  3. Use your captions wisely, tell a story, a life experience, an interesting fact; let’s try to captivate our followers not only with photos and videos but also through our captions. Invite them to be a part of your community, to comment about the things they care about, their worries and needs, ask them questions, generate discussion and connection (this is called “call-to-action”).

  4. Publishing stories is the best new way to generate better presence and engagement on the platform, a couple of stories a day can put your account as a “priority” for your followers. Invite them to ask you questions, to be part of a giveaway, make short easy to answer polls, invite them to share useful info/tips with their friends, show them teaser videos of your work, etc.

  5. Interacting just before posting is also a great tool to increase the exposure of your posts. Give some likes and genuine comments, answer DMs and interact with your followers stories right before you post; this way they will see you are active, they will see your notifications and then your new post, maximising its exposure and engagement.

  6. The more “attention” a post gets during its first minutes/hours of being posted, the more exposure it will get because Instagram will classify it as a good quality post, that generates conversation, and it will show it to more users. Start by generating this “conversation” with people that you know: send your new post to all your friends and ask them to like and comment something, publish your post to your stories and invite your followers to go check it out in your profile, also use your personal accounts to like and comment your brand’s new post. Every interaction counts! Hint: try to answer comments as fast as you can and as soon as they have been posted on your page.

  7. Give more information and add a little “flourish” to our Insta bio. This is one of the first things new users will see on your page and we should try to captivate them in every occasion we get! It should be informative and also interesting, generating trust in your brand. Use a call-to-action that invites your followers to do something, ex: book now to get a free X, contact us for a free quote, sing-up for a free tutorial, etc. (having a website or landing page for this is very useful)

Following these recommendations should help to increase your Instagram engagement, always remember Instagram is a community, the more value you give to the community, the better return in engagement you will get!

If you would like to get some help growing your business on Instagram through targeted interactions, please contact us directly via email at or through the contact form in our Home page.


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