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Why did my Instagram reach drop in 2024?

Updated: Apr 12

No, you are not alone in this. We hear you! Let's review what the Head of Instagram has to say about this and what you can do so your followers see your content again.

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By far the most asked question in Adam Mosseri's Instagram page (@mosseri) is why has organic reach dropped so much on the Instagram platform in 2024. Going through the comments on each of his posts you will find thousands of people, from big creators to small businesses alike, asking this same question, stating that their followers can no longer see their content and asking to bring back the "old algorithm".

Screenshot of comments on Adam Mosseri's Instagram page saying "The lack of REACH is soul crushing... (sad emoji)"

Screenshot of comments on Adam Mosseri's Instagram page saying "So we're not going to fix the reach? Aight got it. Its sad how some ppl actually got organic followers, did it the right way and actually only pop up in less than 10th of their feeds"

Here is what @mosseri has answered regarding the drop of organic reach:

❖ It is in Instagram's interest to connect creators with an audience that is interested in their content, this is how they get people to use Instagram more and for longer periods of time.

❖ His best advice is to experiment, your audience's interests shift and change over time, so you should experiment with new ways to create content that is interesting to them.

❖ Instagram's current algorithm ranks the posts people see on their feed because it tries to match them with content it thinks they will be most interested in (again, so they will use Instagram more) and no longer shows content in chronological order. According to Mosseri this also increases reach for creators in the same niche of interest.

In summary, the main recommendation is to experiment creating different types of content in order to better tailor to an audience with ever changing interests and tastes.

Needless to say, these statements brought in a huge wave of negative comments from creators who are tired of creating high quality content their own followers don't get to see, much less a wider audience.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you successfully improved our reach by creating different content? Let us know in the comments below.

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